Buy Gummie bearz backpack boyz online. Gummie bearz is a very exclusive backpack boyz strain that is semi-sticky with bright green buds that are lightly powdered in trichomes. Aromas greet the nose with an orange citrus scent that is not particularly strong but it smells like a cup of orange juice which is describe as pleasant. Gummie bearz backpackboyz for sale, buy gummie bear strain, white cherry gelato strain, backpack boyz pre rolls

There is a smooth floral taste you definitely get a bit of creamy citrus with that. As you smoke it the profile becomes very plain like smoking a flavorless strain. Gummie bearz backpackboyz for sale

The star of this strain is the potency. It is euphoric and relaxing and definitely something great for a beginner smoker moving up to stronger strains.Buy gummie bear strain

Gummie bearz backpack boyz for sale online

At 25% THC and a small amount of CBD, it is an effective medicinal cannabis. Also, see horchata strain. You can also checkout Cake Mintz

Gummy Bear OG is a balanced hybrid with slightly dominant sativa genetics. This strain packs a ton of flavor in every puff which represents its OG Kush lineage. Gummy Bear OG is said to be moderately high in THC, but the average potency is unknown. It is not common for this strain to be on the shelves of a dispensary. However, it is a newer strain that will take some time to gain traction. Gummy Bear OG is ideal for going on a hike, getting some chores done, or playing some video games. White cherry gelato strain, backpack boyz pre rolls


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