Gummie bearz backpack boyz strain

 The semi-sticky, brilliant green buds of the Gummie bearz backpack boyz strain are delicately dusted in trichomes and are a very rare find. An orange citrus aroma, not overpowering but nonetheless pleasant, greets the nostrils. It is reminiscent of a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice. However, our store is the best place to get Gummie bearz backpackboyz for sale, white cherry gelato strain, backpack boyz pre rolls, backpack boyz michigan

Gummie bearz backpackboyz for sale

There is a mellow flowery flavor, and you can also pick up on some creamy citrus notes. The more you smoke, the more flavorless the profile becomes.

Backpack boyz michigan

The strength of this strain is its main attraction. It’s perfect for new smokers who want to ease into more potent varieties because of its calming effects and euphoric high. You can also get the White cherry gelato strain at our store

With a THC content of 25% and a negligible CBD content, this cannabis is ideal for medical use. Horchata variety is also a thing. Check out Cake Mintz as well!

Gummy Bear OG is a moderately sativa-dominant hybrid. Every hit of this strain, true to its OG Kush roots, is packed with taste. The average THC content of Gummy Bear OG is unknown, however it is considered to be moderately high. This variety is not always available at local dispensaries. The problem is that it’s a relatively novel strain that will need time to spread. Backpack boyz pre rolls


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